Great Solutions For The Nursery School Nativity Play – Some Simple Tips From Teachers

Which way to turn? The struggle for good quality nursery school nativity plays

“We are fed up with boring play scripts”, say early years teachers in nurseries, pre-schools and primaries across the UK. They are faced every year with the difficulty, stress and turmoil of staging an original Christmas nativity play. Teachers in Early Years settings in particular comment: “there is not enough out there to suit early years teachers because most nativity plays are too complicated for our young performers.” But help is here!

Stress verses stardom – what do real teachers think?

Teachers in northeast England have quoted the following as major issues: impossible scripts, boring stories, the search for costumes, lack of staff help and forgetful little learners. All these factors combine to make this a most stressful pursuit for teachers in pre-schools and nurseries, who are keen to show off their children’s talents to an eager audience of parents and friends. When asked about possible solutions, teachers offered the following advice. “We should turn to the most innovative companies for music education resources, such as early years nativity plays and musicals.” Also, “don’t waste time on the old favourites, but look to new companies offering more original content.” “We need more tips for the staging of our Christmas plays”.

Teachers’ tips and tricks at Christmas time

Most teachers agree that a major difficulty lies in the staging of a successful Christmas play. Teachers in the southeast agreed that “a well written nativity play from an established and recommended company is best.” “If one of your teachers can lead the playscript by taking on a major narrator role, then this can help smooth the path for children who are trying eagerly to remember the script as well as the songs.” Luckily, one company has taken this approach in response to teachers comments.

Whay have teachers have recommended Music for Schools for the best musical nativity play for early years?

“We want innovation”. “We want simplicity”. “We want an easy time of it.” Fortunately, for teachers the expertise of music education writers like Music for Schools Ltd helps stressed teachers to regain control and to enjoy their celebration of this special and magical time of year. Music for Schools has captured the interest and enthusiasm of early years teachers with such musical nativity plays as ‘An Easy Cheesy Nativity’. This original musical nativity play really is easy-to-stage and presents simple, catchy songs. Also the script is cleverly led by your own teacher-narrator, helping those young performers to present a smooth performance with minimal lapses in memory or succumbing to nerves.

Full of fun – a Christmas nativity celebration for pre-school, nursery and reception children

This fun, one-act musical nativity is popular with teachers because it is very easy to stage and cleverly uses a main teacher-narrator to guide the young performers through the script and story onstage. Catchy and easy songs are used to tell an original story about the farm animals near Bethlehem, who arrive at the home of the mice (the stable) hoping to catch a glimpse of baby Jesus.

Teachers think that Music for schools regains Christmas musical magic and enjoyment for early years

Teachers agree that, at this time of year, performing school musical productions for Christmas now has the certainty of enjoyment for audiences of parents and friends, whilst teachers can pursue their educational goals and experiences for their early learners through fun musical nativity plays. Make sure, therefore, that you leave it to the experts – relying on Music for Schools.

Royalty Free music resources are favoured by teachers

Many teachers have commented on the current situation regarding performance licensing, however, help is at hand from Music for Schools Limited which also provides their early years and primary school resources with a free royalty license, enabling teachers to achieve value for money with a free performance license offered to UK schools and nurseries within the purchase price.

Music for Schools offers the right solution for early years nativity teachers at Christmas time

Music for Schools has found the solution for early years teachers by presenting well written, simple scripts, with catchy tunes. These are favoured above all else by teachers in schools looking to present a good Christmas early years nativity musical play for their children and audience. I hope these tips will be useful for you all.

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